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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Monday 15 July 2013

Design 3 - Final Assessment Task

AGideas Flier


Saturday 15 June 2013

LA09 - Five Families of TextType Part B - C



Century Expanded

Quick Reference Type Chart

Bananas LA08 - The Process of Thumbnailing

50 Banana solutions...and only 2 bananas were consumed in the process of thumbnailing! :-D

Sunday 26 May 2013

Certificate III Graphic Design Assignments

Design 3 LA02 Black Squares
Part A
Part B



Design LA 03 Positive and Negative

InDesign Assignment

Example of Photoshop texture - Sponge/Distort

Magazine Layout showing examples of design elements

 Design 3 LA 06 Design Elements and Principles
 16 page mini booklet

LA 07 Grids, Layout and Flow
                    No Grid                                     Grid

Grid System Layouts

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Scanner Story

How akward is only having 9 items to choose from for a story line?...but here goes!

Pictured above are a few of my favourite things that inspire, awaken and protect me everyday and/or just making life more enjoyable.

Starting from bottom right is my my Adidas cap that protects me from the elements, why Adidas and Die Drei Streifen? - because I am German born? No because in this world you are either Adidas or Nike and I've always preferred it. Next is my iPod which fills my heart and mind with all of the different sounds I love including Gospel, Classical , Jazz and Rock on my treadmill or getting my daily vitamin D dose weather permitting. Next is my beautiful, beaded, Cross book mark from Koorong bookstore in Brisbane, that most recently and oh so briefly held my page of The Narnia Code about C. S. (...which stand for Clive Staples by the way), Lewis which I read in under a week.

My musical key covered pencil for making important changes at choir or on sheet music that I am trying to learn and decipher, my Jurlique skin balancing face oil that like most of their products makes me glow and stirs my senses first thing in the morning, a pot of Monk's Pear tea that is made with Black tea (to kickstart my day) consisting of; Bergamot, Lavender, Dried Pear and Jasmine Flowers - it's crazy but I like tea in the morning but Decafinated, Organic coffee in the afternoon, my incredibly practical tea-one-cup strainer of which I bought 2 of, for my sister Birgitta and I years ago also in Brisbane (where I lived for most of my life until 4 years ago).

Sweetened by my no calorie, Organic, Austalian made Stevia which is a plant extract that I have a supply stash of every where, and last but not least a unique seashell (this one from Seven Mile Beach) of my many hundreds seashells, collected whilst walking along beautiful Australian beaches with my husband Paul or dear friends in God's Creation. It's those moments that I relive when I see it/them and choose to remember and surround myself with daily all of which make me who I am and that I am Blessed.

Have great day,

Sylvia :-)

My Name is...

These are the sketches of the ideas I came up with after reading the brief, I had fun creating them and it took me back to my childhood, I hope you like them. Sylvia